Process can take up to 5 business days to complete, Big Time Hoops has a ZERO TOLERANCE for coaches and players that fail to perform the outlined NCAA approval steps.

PRIOR TO PARTICIPATING IN AN NCAA-CERTIFIED EVENT, all participating coaches will have to:

1. Apply for an NCAA Participant Approval for Operators and Coaches through the Verified Volunteeers background check process. [Note: If you are submitting an application, you will always need to use the New Applicant button. The Returning Applicant button can only be utilized to check the status of a current application OR to obtain the approval number for an application that is not expired. All individuals submitting an application will use the New Applicant button even if they have filed an application in the past.]

2. Complete the required educational course to finalize your Participant Approval application –

3. Complete Team Registration in the NCAA Basketball Certification System (BBCS). Everything you need to know in order to participate in an NCAA-certified event can be found on the Participating Team Coaches section of Step-by-step documents are available in the Online Help and “How To” Guide